Professional References

Mel has a vast knowledge of coding, coding education, and how to delivery this knowledge to individuals in an easy to understand format. In today's fast pace healthcare environment it is good to be associated with an individual who knows and understands the requirements to code and bill these complex and complicated healthcare procedures. Additionally, Mel's knowledge of coding compliance has proven to be an asset to many individuals as she has taught auditing certification programs as well as performing compliance auditing herself. I can think of no one other than Mel that I can pick up the phone and call to discuss complicated and complex healthcare cases. She stands out as an individual who I can count on to provide me with factual information that I can use to help our organization.

— Doug Arrington, Ph.D, FNP, CHC, CHRC, CMC, CPC, CPC-H, CPMA
Director, Office Billing Compliance / UT Southwestern Medical Center


I have worked with Mel for the past several years as a fellow instructor and can honestly say that she is one of the best educators I know. She is a well informed, passionate, and a consummate professional. There are very few that represent our profession better than Mel Irvine.

— R. Kevin Townsend, CMPE, CPC, CPMA

As a small business owner and one of the doctors in our chiropractic office, it is essential that we have qualified and trained personnel working for our growing and busy office.  We work very hard to deliver quality health care and efficient procedures so our patients can focus on their health versus their EOB's or denial letters.  Over the past seven years of running our office we have struggled with finding qualified insurance people who were willing to work for a small practice and know what they were doing.

We were curious about your billing and coding school when we noticed your ads in the local newspaper, and we were in the process of filling a position and I called you office.  Little did I know that your school would be a saving grace to our practice.  It was wonderful that you personally recommended several people of which we could interview and have confidence that they could step into our office and learn our basic procedures.  Once we hired our staff they were able to get started right away processing claims, getting correct information and entering them properly so a

My husband and I are grateful for your years of experience and your willingness to teach your knowledge so offices like us can compete with those all knowing insurance companies.  Thank you for providing outstanding training in the insurance arena.  With your help we are able to help more people have access to quality healthcare, because without an educated insurance person working for us, our patients wouldn't have access to their health plans.  Our office and patients thank you.

— Dr. Becky and Dr Jon-Eirik Holm-Johansen DC


Melody Irvine was a valued employee of Big Thompson Medical Group for many years.  She essentially developed, from scratch, our coding assurance program and instituted coding seminars and physician audits for our providers.  These programs were an excellent source of accurate information for providers.  Mel always was able to help providers to better understand the confusing areas of coding.  This lead to more accurate billing and better reimbursement.

— J.C. Danforth, M.D.


As the business of medicine has evolved, the need for dedicated coding specialists has become a requirement for successful medical offices.  Melody Irvine's interest and dedication in the field of coding and auditing has enabled her to take the business of coding to a new level.

Melody has the ability to share here knowledge with others by breaking down the complicated components of coding and auditing in to understandable building blocks.  I would recommend Melody for any coding or auditing project that your office may require.

— Sally Wadlington, MHCS

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