Test Your HCPCS Codes Knowledge

Multiple Choice

1. What is the correct HCPCS code for injection of 40 mg of Duralone-80?

a. J1020

b. J1030

c. J1040

d. J1380

2. A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist is performing anesthesia for a patient under the medical direction by a physician. What modifier would the anesthetist use for billing?

a. AA

b. QX

c. QY

d. QZ

3. What would be the appropriate code to bill for administration of a pneumococcal vaccine for a Medicare patient?

a. 90471

b. 90732

c. G0008

d. G0009

4. This 8 year old child fell and broke his left fibula. The doctor applied a short leg fiberclass cast. What code would be used for the casting supplies?

a. Q4032

b. Q4039

c. Q4040

d. Q4048

5. What would be the correct codes for a permanent removal of an ingrown toe nail performed on the right great toe?

a. 11730 - T5

b. 11730 - TA

c. 11750 - T5

d. 11750 - TA

6. HCPCS codes are considered what level?

a. Level I

b. Level II

c. Level III

d. No level is assigned to HCPCS codes

7. Who uses HCPCS codes?

a. Medicare only

b. Medicare and Medicaid only

c. Medicaid only

d. All insurance payors

8. Who maintains the HCPCS codes?

a. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

b. American Medical Association

c. World Health Organization

d. National Center for Health Statistics

9. Which section of the HCPCS books would you locate items for orthopedic footware?

a. A codes

b. E codes

c. L codes

d. V codes

10. Which HCPCS code(s) are not paid by Medicare?

a. A HCPCS codes

b. S HCPCS codes

c. T HCPCS codes

d. Answer b and c


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