Test Your ICD-9 Knowledge

Multiple Choice

1. This 26 year-old female patient developed gestational diabetes during her second month of pregnancy. She is currently being treated with insulin. What are the correct ICD-9 code(s)?

a. 648.03, 648.83, 250.01

b. 648.03, 648.83, V58.67

c. 648.83, V58.67

d. 648.83, 250.01, V58.67

2. This 68 year-old female presents to the office with treatment for her anemia. She also has stage III chronic kidney disease. What is the correct diagnosis code(s) for this visit?

a. 585.3, 285.21

b. 285.21, 585.3

c. 585.3, 285.9

d. 285.21

3. Select the appropriate diagnosis for a patient that is diagnosed with bacterial endocarditis due to AIDS.

a. 421.0, 042

b. 042, 421.9

c. 421.1, 042

d. 042, 421.0


This patient is seen in the doctor's office for administration of chemotherapy for a malignant neoplasm, neck of the pancreas. What are the correct ICD-9 code(s) for this visit?

a. V58.0, 157.9

b. V58.0, 157.8

c. V58.11

d. V58.11, 157.8

5. Patient is seen in Emergency Department with a closed upper end tibia fracture with multiple contusions and abrasions to the lower leg. The patient works construction and fell from scaffolding. What are the correct ICD-9 code(s) for this ER visit?

a. 823.00, 924.10, E881.1

b. 823.00, E881.1

c. 823.80, 924.10,E881.1

d. 823.10, E881.1


When is a "pain" considered chronic?

a. After two months of documentation by the physician

b. After initial treatment is complete

c. There is no time frame defining when pain become chronic

d. a & b

7. A patient was seen in the office for an severe abdominal pain. Her blood pressure was very high because of the pain she is experiencing but has never been diagnosed with hypertension. What are the ICD-9 code(s) for this visit?

a. 789.00, 401.9

b. 789.01, 401.9

c. 789.00, 796.2

d. 789.01, 796.2

8. The doctor is called to the nursing home to see a patient with decubitus ulcers located on both hips. The doctor documents the left hip ulcer as blistering and partial skin thickness and the right hip as full thickness skin loss. What would be the correct ICD-9 code(s) for this physician visit?

a. 707.05, 707.22, 707.23

b. 707.05, 707.22, 707.05, 707.23

c. 707.04, 707.22, 707.23

d. 707.04, 707.22, 707.04, 707.23

9. This patient was brought to the ED department via ambulance. He was playing softball when he was accidently hit in the head with a wooden bat. CT scan confirms a concussion and also had a loss of consciousness for approximately 5 minutes at the onset of the injury. He has a 2 cm open wound to his head. The patient was draped in the normal fashion, betadine and lidocaine given. Using #2 sutures the wound was closed. Patient was instructed to return to the ED if he had any complications within the next 24 hours and to follow-up with his PCP. What are the diagnosis code(s) for this ED visit?

a. 873.0, 850.9, E008.9

b. 873.1, 850.11, E008.9

c. 873.0, 850.11, E007.3

d. 873.1, 850.5, E007.3

10. This 73 year-old established patient comes into the office with a severe cough. The patient has COPD and is also experiencing shortness of breath. A nebulizer treatment is administered. The doctor diagnoses the patient with acute bronchitis with COPD and acute exacerbation. What are the proper diagnosis code(s) for this visit?

a. 491.22

b. 466.0, 491.22

c. 466.0, 491.21

d. 491.22, 466.0

11. There are four primary circumstances for the use of V codes. Which answer below is not a included in this category.

a. A person with a resolving disease, injury, chronic or long-term condition requiring continous care

b. Circumstances or problems influence a person’s health status but are not in themselves a current illness or injury

c. Care for a malunion fracture during a recovery phase

d. Not currently sick but to receive inoculations or health screening

12. When is it acceptable to report symptoms and signs of a patient’s condition?

a. When documented in the medical record

b. To fully describe the reason for the patient visit

c. To support medical necessity of the level charged by provider

d. When a definitive diagnosis has not been confirmed by physician


This 32 year-old female who is 8 weeks postpartum is hospitalized with streptococcal sepis. What is the correct diagnosis code(s) for this patient’s illness?

a. 038

b. 038.10, 995.91

c. 038.0, 995.91

d. 038.0, 995.90


What would be the diagnosis if the patient presents to the office with a sore throat, barking type of coughing, weakness and vomiting and the doctor diagnosed the patient with a viral infection? What are the ICD-9 code(s) for this visit?

a. 079.99, 462, 464.4, 780.79, 787.03

b. 079.99, 462, 786.2, 780.79, 787.03

c. 462, 786.2, 780.79, 787.03, 079.99

d. 079.99


Patient presented to the office with a lesion on skin of his left upper arm that is changing in color The patient has a history of melanoma and would like to have it removed. The lesion was removed and sent to pathology. Pathology report indicated the lesion was basal cell carcinoma. What ICD-9 code(s) would be used for this office visit?

a. 195.4, V16.8

b. 195.4, V10.82

c. 173.61, V16.8

d. 173.61, V10.82


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