Test Your CPT Knowledge

Multiple Choice


Which answer is FALSE and not included in CPT Surgical Package?

a. CPT Surgical Package includes writing of orders and evaluating the patient in post-anesthesia recovery area

b. E/M service subsequent to decision for surgery on the day before or day of surgery per CPT Surgical Package

c. CPT surgical package is inclusive of a minimum of 45 to maximum of 90 days post-op

d. Digital blocks, topical anesthesia are included in CPT Surgical Package


Patient is seen by dermatologist for Mohs Micrographic Surgery for removal of complex skin cancer on their face. During this encounter the dermatologist removes a total of 4 blocks in the first stage and 3 blocks in the second stage. A pathologist (in the same office) assesses the pathology of each lesion/block that is removed. How would the Dermatiologist bill for the Mohs surgery?

a. 17311, 17312

b. 17311, 17312, 88314

c. 17311-TC, 17312-TC

d. Mohs cannot be billed by the dermatologist


This 10 month-old baby is diagnosed with severe laryngomalacia. The surgeon is performing a laser supraglottoplasty to remove lesions from the larynx. Dr. Smith (anesthesiologist) was call to administer the anesthesia. Dr. Smith noted the patient had severe systemic disease. How would the anesthesia be reported for this procedure?

a. 31572, 00326-P3, 99100

b. 31572, 00326-P3

c. 00326-P3, 99100

d. 00326-P3


Physician performa a bronchoscopy with two transbronchial lung biopies from a single (same) lobe. What is the correct CPT code(s) for this procedure?

a. 31632

b. 31628, 31628-51

c. 31628

d. 31628, 31632


This 28 year-old patient was brought into the office for severe dehydration from vomiting. The nurse started the IV and the patient was given 2 units or 1000 ml of normal saline for 1 hour and 40 minutes. What CPT code(s) would be used to report this encounter?

a. 96360, 96361, J7040 x 2

b. 96365, 96360, 96361, J7040 x 2

c. 96360, 96361

d. 96365, 96366


Marie has been going to her family physician, Dr. Johnson since a child. When she became pregnant she wanted her family physician to deliver her child. Marie had 10 visits with Dr. Johnson before going into labor. After 12 hours of labor, the baby showed signs of fetal distress and an obstetrician, Dr. Cobb was called in to perform a C-section. Dr. Johnson will perform the postpartum care. How would Dr. Johnson and Dr. bill for their services?

a. Dr. Johnson - 59510 Dr. Cobb - 59514

b. Dr. Johnson - 59426 Dr. Cobb - 59515

c. Dr. Johnson - 59426, 59430 Dr. Cobb - 59514

d. Dr. Johnson - 59618, 59622 Dr. Cobb - 59620


Codes 22849 - 22852, 22855 are subject to modifier 51 if reported with other definitive procedure including.......

a. Insertion of anterior instrumentation, arthroplasty

b. Vertebral segments, insertion of interbody biomechanical device

c. Arthrodesis, decompression and exploration of fusion

d. Total disc arthroplasty, internal spinal fixation


Physician is performing a therapeutic colonoscopy on a 62 year-old male patient. He was able to obtain a biopsy in the splenix flexure but unable to advance the scope to the cecum.  What is the correct CPT code for this procedure?

a. 45380 - 52

b. 45331 - 52

c. 45380 - 53

d. 45331 - 53


Which answer is TRUE for definiton of physician or other quealified health care professional?

a. These individual are physicians or other qualified health care professionals to include doctors, PA, NP, MA or nurses with documented license to perform and report services independently

b. These are individuals that are qualified by education, training, licensure and report the professional services independently

c. These are individual such as medical assistant who works under the supervision of a physician and reports the professional services they perform

d. These individuals are clinical staff members who report professional services performed


Patient comes into the office for a 0.2 wound on their face.  Physician closed the wound using adhesive strips.  How is this encounter coded?

a. 12011

b. Appropriate E/M code for office visit

c. 12020

d. 12001


This 5 year-old child comes into the office for a routine follow-up of their asthma. The physician recommend the child have a flu shot due to their history of asthma, and is also due for second MMRV. The physician answered all the questions of the mother and the decision was made to perform both vaccines.  The mother also requested the flu vaccine by given intranasal (LAIV).  How would these vaccines administered be coded?

a. 90471, 90472 x 2, 90664, 90707

b. 90471, 90472, 90473, 90664, 90713

c. 90460, 90461, 90473, 90664, 90710

d. 90460, 90461 x 4, 90664, 90710


Paatient is diagnosed with a lung mass. The surgeon performs a biopsy and sends the specimen to pathology for a microscopic examination.  The pathology report identifies the mass as a malignant, wedge biopsy.  How is this coded by the pathologist?

a. 88307

b. 88305

c. 32096, 88307

d. 32096, 88305


Patient had a spinal tap performed in the am by his surgeon.  That evening they presented to the Emergency Department with a severe headache.  The ED doctor diagnosed them with a leak from the spinal puncture and an epidural injection of a blood patch was performed.  What is the code(s) for this procedure? 

a. 62273

b. 62272, 62320

c. 62270, 62273, 62320

d. 62273, 62320


Patient is admitted to the hospital on Sunday for chest pain and is discharged on Wednesday.

Sunday - Physician perform a comprehensive history, comprehensive exam with high medical decision making.

Monday - Physician performs a expanded problem focused history, detailed exam and medical decision making is high

Tuesday - Physician performs a problem focused history, expanded problem focused exam and medical decision making is moderate

Wednesday - Physician performs a problem focused history, expanded problem focused exam and medical decision making is low. He documented 40 minutes of discharge services.

How would these hosptial visits be charge by the physician. 

a. 99220, 99226, 99225,99224, 99239

b. 99223, 99233, 99232, 99239

c. 99223, 99232, 99232, 99231, 99239

d. 99223, 99233, 99231, 99239


What is the difference between observation codes 99218 - 99226 and observation codes 99234 - 99236?

a. 99218 - 99226 are for admit discharge on the same day in observation. Codes 99234 - 99236 are used for patients in observation over a calendar day.

b. 99218 - 99226 are for patients in observation over a calendar day. Codes 99234 - 99236 are used for patients admitted and discharged on the same day.

c. 99218 - 99226 are only used for outpatient consultations in observation for Medicare patients. 99234 - 99236 are used for admission to observation for Medicare patients.

d. The only difference in these codes is where the patient is located in the hospital for observation.


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