Test Your CPT Knowledge

Multiple Choice

1. The patient presents to the office with possible pneumonia. The physician orders a two view x-ray. The x-rays are sent to a radiologist (who is not part of the physician practice) for interpretation and report. How would the physician office charge for the x-ray?

a. 71020

b. 71020-26

c. 71020-TC

d. 71010 x 2

2. Chief Complaint: Ear Pain. This established 6 year-old patient presents to the office today with ear pain. He has been complaining of the ear pain for several days. His mother denies any vomiting or fevers. The doctor obtained a expanded problem focused history. Examination: Temp: 99.3, TM’s are red and swollen bilaterally. Neck supple, Lungs clear to auscultation, heart regular rate and rhythm, abdomen soft and non-tender with normal bowel sounds. The doctor performed a problem focused examination and medical decision making was straightforward. What level would the doctor charge for this office visit?

a. 99212

b. 99213

c. 99202

d. 99203

3. This 10 month-old baby is diagnosed with severe laryngomalacia. The surgeon is performing a laser supraglottoplasty to remove tissue from the larynx. Dr. Smith (anesthesiologist) was call to administer the anesthesia. Dr. Smith noted the patient had severe systemic disease. How would the anesthesia be reported for this procedure?

a. 31588, 00326-P3, 99100

b. 31588, 00326-P3

c. 00326-P3, 99100

d. 00326-P3


Counseling was performed with the mother of this 10 year-old child concerning the pertussis vaccine. Mother’s concern is the about the reports of pertussis and its link to autism. I reassured her recent studies do not support any linkage between the pertussis and autism. After further counseling the mother agreed to the Tdap immunization. What are the correct code(s) for this immunization?

a. 90721, 90460

b. 90723, 90471

c. 90715, 90460, 90461 x 2

d. 90715, 90471


Gastrointerologist, Dr. Jones performed a routine colonoscopy on this 54 year-old patient. The patient confirmed that he had followed prep instructions and patient was taken into surgical suite for the procedure. The patient had two polyps removed several years ago. 15 minutes into the procedure Dr. Jones had to discontinue the procedure at 80 cm because the patient was not fully prepped as the patient had stated. One polyp was removed by snare technique before the procedure was terminated. What CPT code(s) would be used to report this encounter?

a. 45380

b. 45385

c. 45385-53

d. 45385-52


Patient walks into Urgent Care for a laceration of their foot and hand. They were carrying a fish tank when it broke, cutting their left hand and fell onto their left foot. The physician performed an simple debridement and ligation of vessels of the foot and hand. The intermediate repair performed was 2.4 cm on the hand and a much larger intermediate repair on the foot of 6.2 cm.What CPT code(s) would be used to report this encounter?

a. 12044

b. 12041, 12042

c. 12041, 12042-59

d. 12001, 12042-59


This 28 year-old patient was brought into the office for severe dehydration from vomiting. The nurse started the IV and the patient was given 2 units or 1000 ml of normal saline for 1 hour and 40 minutes. What CPT code(s) would be used to report this encounter?

a. 96360, 96361, J7040 x 2

b. 96365, 96360, 96361, J7040 x 2

c. 96360, 96361

d. 96365, 96366

8. Marie has been going to her family physician, Dr. Johnson since a child. When she became pregnant she wanted her family physician to deliver her child. Marie had 10 visits with Dr. Johnson before going into labor. After 12 hours of labor, the baby showed signs of fetal distress and an obstetrician, Dr. Cobb was called in to perform a C-section. Dr. Johnson will perform the postpartum care. How would Dr. Johnson and Dr. bill for their services?

a. Dr. Johnson - 59510 Dr. Cobb - 59514

b. Dr. Johnson - 59426 Dr. Cobb - 59515

c. Dr. Johnson - 59426, 59430 Dr. Cobb - 59514

d. Dr. Johnson - 59618, 59622 Dr. Cobb - 59620


While playing softball this patient slides into home plate and injures his right ankle. The next day the ankle is swollen and discolored. He is seen by his PCP in the office and x-rays are taken. After review and interpretation of the x-rays (3 views) by the physician it is discovered he has a spiral fracture of his ankle. The physician applies a short leg fiberglass cast. He is to follow-up in one week. What CPT code(s) would be used to report this encounter?

a. 27822, 29405, Q4038, 73630

b. 27822, Q4037, 73630

c. 27816, 29405, Q4037, 73630

d. 27816, Q4038, 73630

10. This new Medicare patient was sent to Dr. Hathaway’s office by his PCP for his opinion and consultation regarding his allergies. The patient has never had any allergy symptoms in the past but recently acquired a new puppy and thinks he may be allergic to him. Dr. Hathaway agrees there could be a connection but cannot confirm it without any further testing. Dr. Hathaway performs a comprehensive history, detailed exam and MDM of low complexity. The patient returns to his PCP to decide if he wants to pursue and further testing or treatments. How would Dr. Hathaway charge for his services?

a. 99243

b. 99244

c. 99203

d. 99214


A cornary artery bypass was performed on this 57 year old male. He was recently diagnosed with arteriosclerosis. This procedure was performed using three coronary arterial grafts and two venous grafts. The doctor also harvested a vein from the upper extremity. What CPT code(s) would be used to report this encounter?

a. 33512, 33518

b. 33512, 33518

c. 33535, 33518

d. 33535, 33518, 35500


The physician performs a discectomy for three thoracic interspaces, using an anterior approach, for purposes of spinal decompression. What CPT code(s) would be used to report this encounter?

a. 63077, 63078 x 2

b. 63055, 63057 x 2

c. 63064, 63066 x 2

d. 63075, 63076 x 2


Ultrasound is performed on a 25 year-old female pregnant with twins during her second trimester. Real time image and transabdominal approach was used.What CPT code(s) would be used to report this encounter?

a. 76801, 76802

b. 76805, 76810

c. 76811, 76812

d. 76815


The doctor performs removal of cerumen of both ears on a 43 year-old patient. What CPT code(s) would be used to report this encounter?

a. 69210-50

b. 69210

c. 69209-50

d. Use the appropriate E/M code


Physician aspirates fluid from the knee using fluoroscopic guidance.   What CPT code(s) would be used to report this encounter?

a. 20610, 77002

b. 20605, 77002

c. 20610, 77001

d. 20605, 77001


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