Test Your Medical Terminology Knowledge

Multiple Choice

1. What does the prefix "brady-" mean?

a. Short

b. Between

c. Slow

d. Without

2. What does the the prefix "hypo-" mean?

a. Large

b. Abnormal

c. Above Normal

d. Below Normal

3. What does "tachy-" mean?

a. Together

b. Fast

c. Many

d. Above, over

4. What does the suffix "-edema" mean?

a. Swelling

b. Blood

c. Condition

d. Cell

5. What does the suffix "itis" mean?

a. Disease

b. Skin

c. Secreting

d. Inflammation

6. What does the suffix "-ectomy" mean?

a. Removal of

b. Expansion

c. Destruction of

d. Rupture

7. What does the suffix "-phasia" mean?

a. Paralysis

b. Wasting away

c. Speaking

d. Digestion

8. What does the suffix "-pnea" mean?

a. Growing

b. Breath

c. Wasting away

d. Lessening in density

9. What does the suffix "-stenosis" mean?

a. Narrowing

b. Opening

c. Contraction

d. Splitting

10. What does the suffix "-pathy" mean?

a. Blood

b. Plaque

c. Formation

d. Disease

11. What does the suffix "-megaly" mean?

a. Softening

b. Enlargement

c. Inflammation

d. Production of

12. What does onychotomy mean?

a. Disease of the hair

b. Incision into the scalp

c. Skin lesion

d. Incision into a nail

13. What does Rhinitis mean?

a. Difficulty breathing

b. dgfsf

c. sdfsf

d. Inflammation of the nose

14. What does Oophorectomy mean?

a. Removal of the uterus

b. Repair of fallopian tube

c. Removal of the ovaries

d. Hernia of the ovary

15. What does Otoplasty mean?

a. Surgical repair of outer ear

b. Repair of the eardrum

c. Surgical repair of the septum

d. Surgical repair of outer eyelid

16. What does Orchitis mean?

a. Inflammatin of the ovaries

b. Sperm production

c. Inflammation of the prostate gland

d. Inflammation of the testis

17. What does cystocele mean?

a. Hernia of the bladder

b. Hernia of the ovaries

c. Painful urination

d. Swollen testicles

18. What does neuritis mean?

a. Inflammation of the spinal cord

b. Paralysis

c. Inflammation of the nerves

d. Bruising of the brain

19. What does thrombectomy mean?

a. Surgical removal of the thyroid

b. Surgical removal of a lung

c. Surgical removal of a artery or vein

d. Surgical removal of a blood clot

20. What does cyanosis mean?

a. Bluish or purplish coloration

b. Abnormal heart rhythm

c. Heart Disease

d. Hardening of the arteries


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