Test Your ICD-10 Knowledge

Multiple Choice


Patient was taken into the Emergency Department after suffering an injury.  He was playing baseball at the city baseball fields when he slid into base and suffered a laceration to his right thigh.  Which ICD-10-CM code(s) are correct for this encounter?

a. S31.010A, Y92.321, Y93.61

b. S81.819A, Y92.320, Y93.64

c. S71.111A, Y92.320, Y93.64

d. Y92.320, Y93.64, S71.111A


Patient develops severe sepsis during a hospital encounter that was not present on admission, how is this coded?


a. Systemic infection and appropriate code from R65.2 is assigned as secondary diagnosis

b. System infection and appropriate code from R65.2 is assigned as a primary diagnosis

c. Systemic infection is coded with A41.9 with code R65.21

d. A41.2 following by R65.2 as secondary diagnosis


Patient with recurrent acute iridocyclitis in both eyes is diagnosed with secondary glaucoma due to eye inflammation. The right eye is moderate stage and the left eye is severe stage. What ICD-10-CM code(s) would be used to report this encounter?

a. H40.41X2, H40.42X3

b. H40.43X4, H20.023

c. H40.412, H40.423, H20.023

d. H40.41X2, H40.42X3, H20.023


Established 10 yr old patient comes into office with nausea, vomiting, runny nose and sore throat. He has been sick for several days however the nausea and vomiting starting today. Mother indicates there are many children at school with the same symptoms. After examination the doctor diagnosed the patient with a viral infection. Strep test was performed and was negative. What are the ICD-10-CM code(s) for this encounter?

a. R11.1, R09.89, J02.9, A49.1

b. R11.2, R09.89, J02.9, B34.9

c. B34.9, A49.1, R11.2

d. B34.9


This HIV positive patient is asymptomatic and never had any opportunistic infections.  He is being seen today by his primary care physician for moderate, major depressive disorder, single episode. What code(s) would be used to report this encounter?

a. Z21, F32.1

b. B20, F32.1

c. F32.1, Z21

d. F32.1, B20


Patient is admitted to the hospital with hypertensive chronic kidney disease with CKD stage 5 and Type I diabetes. Patient is currently takng dialysis three times per week.  Which answer is correct for reporting ICD-10-CM code(s) for the admission?

a. I12.0, N18.6, E10.22

b. I12.0, E10.22, N18.6, Z99.2

c. I12.0, N18.6, E10.22, Z99.2

d. I12.0, E10.22, N18.5


Patient comes into the office for follow-up of breast cancer 2 years ago.  Doctor indicates her right sided mastectomy has healed well and there is no evidence of malignancy per her recent imaging tests. She is not currently receiving any treatments for the cancer.  The doctor did indicate there is the potential for recurrence and must continue to monitor her often and to make sure she performs monthly breast exams and yearly imaging tests. What are the correct ICD-10-CM codes for this encounter?

a. C50.912

b. C50.912, Z85.3

c. D24.1

d. Z85.3


Which answer describes a malignant neoplasm that stays encapsulated and has not metastased.?

a. Primary malignant

b. Secondary malignant

c. In situ

d. Unspecified


Patient comes into office with a sore on their right foot that is not healing.  He is a Type II diabetic who takes insulin on a daily basis.  Doctor diagnosed the patient patient with a non-pressure ulcer with fat layer exposed.  What is the correct ICD-10-CM code(s) for this encounter?

a. L97.512, E11.621, E11.9, Z79.4

b. E11.621, L97.512, Z79.4

c. L97.522, E11.621, Z79.4

d. L89.609, E11.621


Which answer is correct for coding pregnancy induced gestational diabetes?

a. 024.4

b. 024 category and E08-E13 for appropriate type of diabetes

c. 024, Z79.4

d. E08-E13 for appropriate type of diabetes


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