Test Your Anatomy Knowledge

Multiple Choice

1. The radius is located

a. Lower leg

b. Upper leg

c. Lower arm

d. Upper arm

2. Veins carry:

a. oxygenated blood

b. blood away from the heart

c. blood toward the heart

d. lumen

3. What is the protective covering of the heart called?

a. Myocardium

b. Endocardium

c. Endothelium

d. Pericardium

4. What is the name of the tube that connects the larynx to the right and left bronchi?

a. Trachea

b. Thyroid cartilage

c. Vocal Cords

d. Epiglottis

5. The central nervous system consist of the

a. Cerebellum and cortex

b. Nerves and receptors

c. Brain and Spinal cord

d. Frontal, parietal, temporal & occipital lobes

6. What transport urine from the kidneys to the bladder?

a. Urethra

b. Ureters

c. Meatus

d. Trigone

7. The space between the bottom on the labia majora and the anus is called?

a. Perineum

b. Bartholin Gland

c. Isthmus

d. Clitoris

8. This are a group of ducts at the top of the testis where sperm are stored?

a. Cowper's gland

b. Bulbourethral gland

c. Epididymis

d. Prostate

9. The fluid part of the blood is called?

a. Red blood cells

b. White blood cells

c. Platelets

d. Plasma

10. What is the largest lymphatic organ and it filters and stores blood?

a. Thymus gland

b. Spleen

c. Kidney

d. Gall bladder

11. What are the three parts to the small intestine?

a. Ascending, tranverse and descending

b. Fundus, body, pylorus

c. Duodenum, jejunum, ileum

d. Large, small, rectum

12. Another name for the eardrum is?

a. Tympanic membrane

b. Malleus

c. Cochlea

d. Incus

13. What is the name of the mucous membrane that lines the eyelid?

a. Cornea

b. Choroid

c. Conjunctiva

d. Sclera

14. What are the five bones of the hand between the wrist and fingers called?

a. Metaphysis

b. Metatarsals

c. Phalanges

d. Metacarpals

15. The heartbeat has two parts, the contraction and the relaxation. What is the relaxation part of the heartbeat called?

a. Systole

b. Diastole

c. Conduction

d. Sinoatrial node

16. What is the name of the organ that receives blood from the veins and sends it into the arteries?

a. Liver

b. Kidney

c. Brain

d. Heart

17. How many lobes are in the lungs?

a. Right, three lobes - Left, two lobes

b. Right, two lobes - Left, three lobes

c. Right, two lobes - Left, two lobes

d. Right, three lobes - Left, three lobes

18. What is the inner muscous layer of the uterus called?

a. Fimbriae

b. Fundus

c. Intrauterine

d. Endometrium

19. What is the liquid that is left after blood has clotted called?

a. Red blood cell

b. White blood cell

c. Serum

d. Stem cell

20. What organ stores bile until needed for digestion.

a. Liver

b. Pancreas

c. Kidney

d. Gallbladder


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