CMRS and CMCS Certifications

Career Coders is proud to partner with the
American Medical Billing and Coding Association (AMBA)
to offer Career Coders students certifications in Medical Billing or Coding

CMRS (Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist)

This certification is to promote ethical and professional medical billing through certification of qualified individuals. This voluntary credential formally recognizes a medical biller’s competency and proficiency, encourages continued professional and personal best development, and provides a national standard assessment based on industry knowledge.

Created in 2000, it is the longest standing and most thorough exam for professional medical billers. Other exams offered to medical billers are newly released, offer a fraction of the questions, are sometimes more expensive, and are offered by associations that primarily focus on medical coding, a separate industry from medical billing.

The CMRS designation is awarded by the Certifying Board of the American Medical Billing Association (CBAMBA). Currently, no state or Federal requirements exist stating a medical biller must be certified to practice medical billing. However, most providers are requiring their billers be certified. Your certification demonstrates to physicians and employers that you are proactive in advancing your education and skills.

Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialists (CMRS) facilitate the claims paying process, from the time a service is rendered by a health care provider, until the balance is paid. CMRS Billers play a critical role in a health care provider's daily business operations.

Certification provides knowledge and credibility to the biller, potential health care providers, and employers. It demonstrates your commitment and dedication in providing the highest standards possible in Claims Management and Medical Billing. Certification presents solid confirmation of your desire to offer qualified services in an industry that is complex and demands specialized training. Certification provides verification of competency and assurance of continued education to maintain the credential.

CMRS testing is provided on a global level. Our credential allows billers to empower themselves by taking steps to improve confidence and enhance value to the industry and the doctors they work with.

Physicians and other healthcare providers are looking for certified professionals that understand regulatory and business issues that affect their practices. CMRS's have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be more effective in increasing revenue, preventing fraud and abuse, and researching and finding information that helps practices succeed in today's environment and economy.

The cost of this exam is $399.00 and includes one year membership, study guide and exam.

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CMCS (Certified Medical Coding Specialist)

The purpose of this certification is to promote ethical and professional medical coding through certification of qualified individuals. This voluntary credential formally recognizes a medical coder’s competency and proficiency, encourages continued professional personal best development, and provides a national standard assessment based on industry knowledge.

This exam was created in 2018 out of multiple needs from the billing and coding community. We’ve worked with medical billers for over 20 years, and one thing we realize is that, billers can be even better at their job if they understand how to correctly code. It is a natural progression for medical billers to need to know about coding. The billing industry is specialized in collecting insurance payments but most are not coding specialists. As more and more payers apply artificial intelligence to single out specific claims for denial, it’s become even more important for medical billers to use every possible and professional means to collect insurance payments. Learning and applying correct coding techniques gives an obvious advantage above and beyond the average biller. The ability to demonstrate proficiency in coding from an exam specifically designed to test a certificant’s knowledge of coding and how to apply guidelines correctly will set them apart from others. Our goal was to create a comprehensive exam that exceeds industry standards and meets the needs of the medical billers and coders we work with.

Our exam was written by certified professional coders with extensive billing and coding experience. We spent months developing it. We included real examples provided by professional coders and billers that are challenging and will demonstrate your proficiency in medical coding.

We realize that billers need and want the convenience of taking a certification exam online. There are no other certifications that offer this convenience. The CMCS Exam is taken online with 10 days, to complete it, from the time of enrollment. There is no set hourly time limit, offering you the freedom to completely review guidelines in selecting the right answer without time constraints. In the real world of getting claims paid, accuracy wins the race over speed, every time.

There are no apprentice restrictions on this exam.

And finally, cost is always a concern for those wanting to better their skills and demonstrate proficiency. We believe in being cost effective and economical when providing certificants with a professional credential. This allows more people to become certified without the high costs associated with other exams.

Our process is simple, fair, credible, and affordable. We provide multiple free continuing education credits, making it easier to meet annual recertification requirements. The CMCS requires 15 annual CEUs, and all of them can be earned for free! There are 150 questions that, comprehensively and thoroughly, cover the entire CPT® Code book. Also included are questions on ICD-10 coding and HCPCS coding. Thorough doesn’t have to mean harder, but, to us, it means comprehensive. That is why we covered the CPT® book from front to back.

The cost of this exam is $325.00 and includes one year membership, study guide and exam.

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Don’t let any of these exams intimidate you, because you can use any sources you want for the examination. It is an open book test and because the test is given on-line, you can take the test at your own convenience. I have personally taken these tests and know that Career Coders students are more than capable of passing these exams.

How to Enroll and Requirements

Student will need current year ICD-10-CM, CPT and HCPCS books. Reliable computer with internet access. Enrollment form, valid email address and full payment made out to Career Coders, LLC (no partial payments are accepted. We do accept MasterCard and Visa.

Click on the enrollment form below, complete and return to Career Coders with your check. Credit card payments will only be taken by phone at (970) 222-1900. We will process your application and AMBA will contact you with instructions for class and examination.

CMRS/CMCS Enrollment Form
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